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Hind is a moderately late ware potato with frying quality. This variety has a high yield with big long oval tubers. Hind has a good drought and heat resistance.


Parentage Everest X Labadia
Maturity Moderately late
Foliage development Strong
Metribuzin Sensitive
Tuber shape Long oval
Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Light yellow
Shallowness of eyes Shallow eyes
Yield High
Tuber size Large
Dormancy period Long dormancy
Market Traditional & French fries
Cooking type BC (fairly firm to floury)
Discoloration after cooking No discoloration
Dry matter content 20,2 %

Disease resistance

Blight foliar 6
Blight tuber 6
Common scab 5,5
PVY 6,5
Drought tolerance 7,5
Wart disease Fysio 1 Resistant
PCN resistance Ro1 & Ro4 Resistant

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