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Personal attention

Agroplant is a family company, the roots of which go back to the year 1924. Since our company was first established, personal attention has been a high priority, along with a high-quality product! This is evident, for example, through the fact that we know each of our growers and customers personally. This way we can optimally align supply and demand. So Agroplant is the reliable partner to help every customer achieve the best seed potatoes and a successful cultivation.

Seed potatoes

Agroplant offers a very wide range of varieties. With the highest-quality seed potatoes from a select group of growers, our customers are assured seed potatoes that will best meet their requirements and suit their conditions. Agroplant tests the characteristic properties of each variety. With this information, we can provide our customers with the best possible advice on a suitable range of varieties.

Research & Development

Agroplant is active in breeding new varieties. Here, the focus is on different sectors, including: chips, crisps, specialities etc. Every year, Agroplant plants a large number of tests fields all around the world to test new varieties. Based on the test results, we evaluate the various varieties on their characteristics, to produce a detailed cultivation recommendation.

Range of varieties

Agroplant offers a suitable variety for every intended use. From chips and crisps to specialities in the broadest sense of the word. We work with our own distribution programme. This way, we achieve new varieties that offer added value to the existing range of varieties. Alongside our own varieties, Agroplant supplies all free varieties.

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