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Bernice is an moderately early potato for fresh consumption with a high yield. The tubers are round oval with a beautiful yellow skin and yellow flesh. Bernice gives very good results in countries around the Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle-East.


Parentage Actrice x Satina
Maturity Moderately Early
Foliage development Good
Metribuzin - * in research
Tuber shape Round oval
Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Yellow
Shallowness of eyes Shallow eyes
Yield High
Tuber size Large
Dormancy period Medium long dormancy
Market Table potato
Cooking type AB (rather firm)
Discoloration after cooking No discoloration
Dry matter content 19,0 %

Disease resistance

Blight foliar - * in research
Blight tuber - * in research
Common scab 6,5
PVY - * in research
Drought tolerance 7
Wart disease Fysio 1 - * in research
PCN resistance Ro1 & Ro4 Resistant

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