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Agroplant Holland BV Premiere

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Premiere is a very early consumer variety with good processing qualities. This variety is very good for early processing of French fries. Premiere is a very popular variety in northwest Europe.


ParentageCiva x Provita
MaturityEarly to very early
Foliage developmentGood
Metribuzin sensitivityModerate sensitive
Tuber shapeRound oval
Skin colourYellow
Flesh colourPale yellow
Shallowness of eyesRather shallow eyes
Tuber sizeLarge
Dormancy periodShort to medium long dormancy
MarketFresh consumption, early french fries
Cooking typeBC (fairly firm to floury)
Discoloration after cookingNo discoloration
Dry matter content20,7%

Disease resistance

Blight foliar4
Blight tuber6
Common scab5
Drought tolerance6
PCN resistance Ro1 & Ro4Resistant to Ro1 & Ro4
Wart disease Fysio 1Immune
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