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Agroplant Holland BV Liselotte

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Liselotte is a medium late variety. It is suitable as fresh table potato and for salads, with yellow skin and yellow flesh colour. Tubers are long oval and have shallow eyes, with a high tuber count. Liselotte have an excellent taste. It is quite firm variety with a moderate dry matter content and suitable for long-term storage.


ParentageLaura x Rodeo
MaturityModerately late
Foliage developmentGood
Metribuzin sensitivityModerate sensitive
Tuber shapeLong oval
Skin colourYellow
Flesh colourYellow
Shallowness of eyesShallow eyes
YieldVery high
Tuber sizeMedium large
Dormancy periodLong dormancy
MarketTable potato & Salad
Cooking typeA (firm)
Discoloration after cookingNo discoloration
Dry matter content21.2%

Disease resistance

Common scab5
Drought tolerance8
PCN resistance Ro1 & Ro4Susceptible
Wart disease Fysio 1In research
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